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Angus Tenderloin MB2+ – Australian

250 G

AED 81.0

Why You'll Love It

the Australian Black Angus Tenderloin MB2+ – the perfect choice for steak lovers who demand the highest quality. This premium cut of beef is sourced from the finest Black Angus cattle, raised in the lush pastures of Australia.

FAB Recommendation for the Tenderloin: 

1. BBQ Magic: Start by seasoning the Australian Tenderloin, then into the grill, continuous butter brush . This imparts a smoky touch and a deliciously charred exterior, giving you a tender, flavorful experience.


2. Perfect Searing: Pat the Tenderloin dry, then sear it at high heat, butter, rosemary & thyme . This locks in juiciness, creating a mouthwatering crust on the outside, preserving tenderness within.

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