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Australian Black Angus Ribeye MB2+

300 G

AED 76.0

Why You'll Love It

the Australian Black Angus Ribeye MB2+ – the perfect steak for any occasion. This premium cut of beef is sourced from the finest Australian Black Angus cattle, renowned for their superior marbling and flavor. The MB2+ grade is the highest quality available, ensuring a tender, juicy steak with a rich, buttery flavor.


Nutrition fact
Nutrition fact!
Preparation methods

1. FAB Grill : Fire up the grill . Begin by seasoning, followed by grill for 3 to 4 min each side. This results in a rich outer layer complemented by smoky flavor, let rest then slice

2. FAB Sear : Pat and season the Ribeye MB2+, add butter and rosemary then sear at high temperatures 3 min each side . The distinct searing marks enhance both visual and flavor aspects.

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